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Attalus, King of Pergamon, named the city “Atteleia”, founded Antalya in the 2nd century B.C. The city of Antalya stretches along the bay bearing its name, and is built at 39 meters altitude on a rocky coastline. One is immedia

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About the tour in general

Attalus, King of Pergamon, named the city “Atteleia”, founded Antalya in the 2nd century B.C. The city of Antalya stretches along the bay bearing its name, and is built at 39 meters altitude on a rocky coastline. One is immediately struck by the Taurus Mountains rising to 3,756 meters above the coastline, interspersed with valleys of varying sizes. The taurus Mountains against the blue sky, the precipices and especially the caves close to the sea add another dimension to the beauty of the region. Small and large streams emerging from the west side of the Taurus water the plains on their journey to the Mediterranean. This translucent running water, cascading in to the sea at points along the cost, is another attractive sight. Every kind of tropical plant can be found along the coast. In Antalya the four seasons only appear on a calendar, as there is no real winter.

The summers are hot and rainless while the other months are warm and often rainy. The average annual temperature in Antalya is 65 F. The average temperature in the summer months is about 95 F. The population of Antalya is about 1,500,000 and the average number of tourist annually that visit Antalya is 10,000,000 people. Antalya is the most visited city in Turkey.
The harbor area is undoubtedly the most interesting part of the city. Although construction was begun at the time of the foundation of the city the surviving remains generally date back to the 3rd century AD with traces of Roman and Ottoman restorations work in the upper parts of the walls. The marina is surrounded by numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and tea-gardens, set on the top of the cliffs, high above the harbor, one can enjoy a marvelous bird’s eye view of the loveliest part of the old city.

Daily Programme

Arrive in Antalya, and transfer to hotel & check in. You’ll relax in the hotel for a short period and then take a short city tour. Visit Antalya Archaeological Museum where Antalya's several thousand years of history is laid out before you in chronological order. Visit to Hadrianus Gate from the time of Roman Emperor Hadrian, Clock Tower, Republican Square,  Palm Street, Old Town with Marina.

Antalya Old City and Harbor
Antalya Old City and Harbor
Archeological Museum of Antalya
Archeological Museum of Antalya
Clock Tower
Hadrianus Gate
Palm Street
Republican Square
Depart in the morning and visit Perge. Next proceed to Aspendos, which bears one of the best preserved Roman theaters in Anatolia. Visit Side is one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey. The Temple of Apollo, which is is situated near the sea, a fountain and Necropolis.

Ancient city of Perge
Temple of Apollo
Theather of Aspendos
Theather of Aspendos
Depart Antalya for Demre to visit the best examples of Lycian tombs at Myra and the Church of St. Nicholas the Saint to whom is referred to as Santa Claus. After lunch, sail over turquoise waters to the picturesque Kekova Island. Discover the extraordinary underwater ruins of the sunken city of Simena. There are opportunities to swim and snorkel if desired. Return in the evening to Antalya.

Ancient city of Myra
Boat Trip around Kekova
Boat Trip around Kekova
Lycian tombs at Myra
St. Nicholas Church
St. Nicholas Church
Sunken city of Simena
Sunken city of Simena
Check out of the hotel in the morning and drive to Konya. You will visit Mevlana Museum to learn about mystical religious dance known as “Whirling Dervishes” who use music and dance to induce themselves into a mystical state. You will also visit ancient caravanserai–Sultanhanı. Continue to Cappadocia and check into the hotel for overnight.

Caravanserai / Sultanhani
Mevlana Museum
Whirling Dervishes
Whirling Dervishes
Transfer to Cappadocia. Tour to Soganli Valley, an Open Air Museum in a wild natural setting near a typical Cappadocian village. Villages in the valleys, surrounded by the "table top" mountains, are spectacular. Continue with Keslik Monastery that hides its frescoes behind a very thin smoke layer. The Medrese (Theological School) from Seljuk Turks in Taskinpasa is the witness of an early and rich Turkish settlement in the town. Visit to Mustafapasa (Sinasos), an old Greek town with its spectacular old Greek houses. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Göreme Open Air Museum
Keslik Monastery
Mustafapasa (Sinasos), an old Greek town
Soganli Valley, an Open Air Museum
The Medrese (Theological School) from Seljuk Turks in Taskinpasa
Visit rock formations beyond belief in Devrent valley; walking in Pasabag near Zelve ; "fairy chimneys" where the voice of wind mixes with the "songs of fairies". Lunch in Avanos, centre of terra cotta work of art since 2000 BC. and a demonstration in a traditional pottery workshop. Afternoon, visit the famous Goreme Open Air Museum and see the best examples of Byzantine art in rock-cut churches with frescoes and paintings (10th to 13th century). Continue to the Uchisar Rock-Castle to have a panoramic view of the valleys of Cappadocia. Overnight Cappadocia.

Dervent / Fairytale Chimneys
Göreme Open Air Museum
Uchisar Rock Castle
Check out of the hotel in the morning and depart to Kayseri Airport and fly to Istanbul or Antalya back for your return home.



Your tour  covers;

  • Meeting in Istanbul and all necessary transfers  during the trip (with Mercedes AC luxury vehicles, max. 2 years old),  
  • All domestic flights mentioned in tour schedule,
  • Professional guiding service - English speaking guide,  
  • All entrance fees for museums, historical places, tickets to national parks, cisterns, etc…
  • Accommodation in exclusive 5 star hotels,
  • Full board (FB) accommodation during the  trip;  breakfast + lunch + dinner,
  • All soft drinks,  
  • VIP tour during the trip (no one will be allowed to join the group)
  • Gifts & surprises from Caprinae Travel during the tour

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  •  Personal expenses & international air fares,  alcoholic drinks 

Price: 255 USD per day, per person (11 & up in a group)